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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can wear press on nails?

Artistic AC is a gender neutral brand, whoever wears our brand is able to express themselves through having our art and stunning nails. Press on nails are quick, easy to put on and most importantly reusable!

Why press on nails?

Press ons are quick to put on and reusable! You don't have to wait hours in the salon to have a beautiful nails. Sets can be reworn 2-5 times with proper care.  Most importantly they provide a fast self care ritual that can bring empowerment. Everyone loves a fresh set!

How long do they last?

With proper application and care nails applied with sticky taps (Temporary Wear) should last 1-3 days and 10-14 days with nail glue.

What is included in the Kit ?

10 piece nail set, 7 piece prep kit that includes  instruction card,  cuticle pusher, mini file, nail buffer, alcohol wipe, nail glue and sticky tabs. 

How do I know my size ?

Measure bare nails from sidewall to sidewall to ensure proper fit. If you are in between sizes, size up as excess can be filed down. Please insure you measure accurately as we are not responsible for incorrect sizing. 


Sizing kit are REQUIRED for custom sets. 


20-24 nails (all sizes)  sets are available upon request, please message us first. 

What if my nails dont fit correctly?

We are not responsible for sizing issues and or if the wrong size was ordered. Sizing kits are recommended to ensure you will get a proper fit.

Why do my nails look different?

Due to the hand-crafted nature of the nails, designs may vary slightly as they are all truly unique. Beware lighting and color of images may be slightly distorted by different device displays

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